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The Olympus Endosonic removes debris from reusable EndoTherapy devices. This is an essential step prior to disinfection or sterilisation.

The Olympus Endosonic is an ultrasonic cleaner for removal of debris from reusable EndoTherapy devices prior to disinfection or sterilisation. It uses frequency sweeping technology to maximise cleaning efficiency. The integral drain valve and tank design ensure efficient drainage, and the tray design facilitates even distribution of ultrasonic energy. Endosonic offers users reliable cleaning results in the pre-cleaning phase. It is simple to operate and the transparent cover glass enables the the operator to observe the cleaning process of the instruments.

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Maximum cleaning efficiency

Maximises cleaning efficiency using frequency sweeping technology (continuous scan frequency 38-42.5 kHz). Supported by UCS II cleaning solution.

Simple to operate

Microprocessor control with simple programming. The user will be able to adjust to intervals from 1 to 30 minutes or use automatic default settings.


The aesthetically pleasing hinged transparent lid prevents splashing and allows the goods to be monitored during the cleaning.

Long-term durability

The tank is made of durable stainless steel material and the entire casework is finished in a highly durable polyester paint for maximum resistance to daily wear and tear.

Efficient drainage

Rapid and efficient tank drainage results from tapering the tank bottom and recessing the drain port. The easy-to-use integral drain valve is positioned so that the unit can be placed next to a sink for simple drainage.

Optimised tray design

Tray design is optimised for even distribution the ultrasonic energy within the tank. The solid base provides good energy coupling and even distribution, whilst allowing small devices to be retained safely for optimum cleaning.

Easy operation

The default cleaning cycle settings on the Endosonic is 30 minutes. If a custom cycle adjustment is needed, the timer circuit can be adjusted in one minute intervals from one to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Increased cleaning efficacy

Use of the Olympus UCS II detergent solution within the Endosonic ultrasonic cleaner will further enhance the cleaning efficacy.

Dimensions 500 x 430 x 270 mm
Weight 10 kgs
Power supply 120V 60 Hz, 230V 50 Hz, 220V 50 Hz
Power consumption 500 VA
Maximum tank capacity 7.5 l
Electrical safety Designed in conformance with EN IEC 61010-1
Regulatory conformance Complies with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices,

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