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Access and Dilation for PCNL and URS

EZDilate Balloon Dilators

EZDilate Balloon Dilators

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Percutaneous surgery using a lithotripter has become standard procedure in stone management.
The Olympus range of EZDilate balloon dilators facilitates the procedure in a number of ways. EZDilate Balloon Dilators, available in multiple sizes, allow for easy, precise access in either the ureter or the kidney with minimized patient trauma.

Designed for smooth, atraumatic insertion into the patient's anatomy, features such as the fully radiopaque tip and advanced hydtrophilic and silicone coatings on the balloon ensure precise visualization and smooth, controlled percutaneous and ureteroscopic access.

Controlled access, precise visualization and ease of use is possible with one balloon, complementing the rest of the critical tools that are needed to improve patient outcomes.

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Controlled access - accurate and predectable Single Step design

EZDilate Balloon Dilators provides a high-pressure, radial dilation method that may minimize trauma to the patient's anatomy.
Controlled single−step dilation of the balloon facilitates accurate and predictable access thus improving efficiency and safety of procedures.

Safe and Precise visualization for simplified, confident positioning - fully raiopaque tip for precise visualization

All EZDilate Balloon Dilators have a fully radiopaque tip as well as two radiopaque marker bands within the balloons to signify the distal and proximal ends of maximum dilation.
These navigation aids provide assurance of precise visualization that the device is in the desired location prior to inflation.

Radiopaque Tips

Smooth and Atraumatic Insertion - Taperd edge and Low-Friction Coatings

EZDilate Balloon Dilators are tapered at the distal end for smooth, atraumatic insertion into the patient anatomy.
- The Nephroscoptymy balloon dilators each include a PTFE renal sheath with a taperd distal edge which ensures easy placement over the balloon even in challenging surrounding tissue
- Hydrophilic and silicone coatings on EZDilate balloons promote smooth, low-friction positioning.

Integrated refolding tool ensures small profile upon reinsertion

The integrated folding tool (pre-threaded on the catheter) ensures a small profile upon reinsertion for efficient percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL/PNL).

EZDilate Folding Tool

Refolded EZDilate Balloon

Multiple Sizes for various procedural Requirements : Ureteroscopic and Nephrostomy Applications.

EZDilate balloon dilators are available in multiple sizes to allow safe ureter dilation for stricture relief as well as safe access during perctaneous surgery with minimized trauma. allow for easy, precise access to stones in either the ureter or the kidney with minimized trauma.

Nephro-EZDilate Balloon Dilator

Designed to dilate the nephrostomy tract facilitating placement of a renal sheath to accomodate various instruments and allow passage for larger stone fragments.

Available in size:
PCNL balloons 8 mm (24 Fr.) and 10 mm (30 Fr.) with a length of 15 cm)

Uro-EZDilate Balloon Dilator

Designed to ensure stricture relief and gentle ureteral dilation to form a path for larger instruments.

Available in size:
URS balloons in 4 cm & 10 cm length from 4 mm (12 Fr.) to 6 mm (18 Fr.) diameter

Balloon Inflation Device

The high-pressure, disposable inflation device is included with EZDilate balloon kits and is also available separately.
Its intuitive design includes a simple plunger-engagement swtich that allows for easy, precise inflation as well as rapid deflation.

  • Latex-Free
  • Single-use only


Catheter Catheter Kit
(Includes Inflation Device)
Balloon Size Catheter Size Rated
O.D. (F/mm) Length (cm) O.D. (F/mm) Length (cm)
BURS0404‡ BURS0404K‡ 12/4 4 6/2 80 20
BURS0410‡ BURS0410K‡ 12/4 10 6/2 80 20
BURS0504‡ BURS0504K‡ 15/5 4 6/2 80 20
BURS0510‡ BURS0510K‡ 15/5 10 6/2 80 20
BURS0604‡ BURS0604K‡ 18/6 4 6/2 80 20
BURS0610‡ BURS0610K‡ 18/6 10 6/2 80 20


Catheter Catheter Kit (Includes Inflation Device) Balloon Size Catheter Size Rated Burst Pressure (atm) Sheath Size Sheath Material
O.D. (F/mm) Length (cm) O.D. (F/mm) Length (cm) I.D. (F/mm) Length (cm)
BPCN0815‡ BPCN0815K‡ 24/8 15 7/2.3 55 17 24/8 17 PTFE
BPCN1015‡ BPCN1015K‡ 30/10 15 7/2.3 55 17 30/10 17 PTFE


BINF2530‡ 25 cc, 30 atm (max.)
‡ Supplied sterile, single-use, disposable
High Flow Nephroscope OES Pro Perctaneous Nephroscope

High Flow Nephroscope

OES Pro Perctaneous Nephroscope

  • High versatility
  • Unsurpassed image quality
  • High-flow sheath design
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Dual Action Lithotripsy System  ShockPulse-SE

Dual Action Lithotripsy System


  • Superior Speed & Suction Efficiency 
  • Intuitive Surgeon Control 
  • Versatility-Full range of probes and sizes
  • Plug and Play

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