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The BF-P260F enables deeper insertion and high quality images with its ultra-slim design and high performance CCD incorporated in the control section. This general purpose hybrid scope with its 4.0mm outer diameter and 2.0mm channel, offers superior insertability, maneuverability and versatile biopsy capability.

Fibreoptic and video electronic technology has now made it possible to design a videoscope for bronchoscopy of the peripheral bronchi - something previously only possible with a fiberscope. The innovative hybrid design of the BF-P260F has a narrow 4.0mm distal end diameter, yet still incorporates a large channel of 2.0mm. The maneuverability of the BF-P260F is impressive. At about half the weight of a fiberscope, made possible by siting the CCD in the control section rather than the distal end, the BF-260F notably reduces operator fatigue making this the ideal general-purpose scope.

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Innovative hybrid design

The BF-P260F has a built-in CCD in the control section, which enables video endoscopy in the peripheral bronchi previously only possible with a fiberscope.

Exceptional maneuverability and insertion

Slim, lightweight and manoeuvrable, this hybrid scope is about half the weight of a fiberscope because the CCD is in the control section and not the distal end.

Large channel despite its slim design

The BF-P260F incorporates a large 2.0mm diameter channel, to accommodate a range of instruments, despite a distal end that measures only 4.0mm across.

Excellent torque capability

The BF-XP260F represents significant improvements in the distal end’s torque capability due to the reduced bending radius.

Slim, general-purpose hybrid scope

The hybrid design of the BF-P260F, with its 4.0mm outer diameter and large channel (2.0mm), offers superior insertability and good biopsy capability even in the peripheral bronchi.

Built-in CCD in the control section for video endoscopy

The innovation of taking the CCD out of the distal end and incorporating it in the control section instead allows access to the peripheral bronchi and enables this lightweight, manoeuvrable scope to reduce operator fatigue.

Much larger screen size than a conventional fiberscope

The significantly larger screen size achieved with the BF-P260F makes images easier to observe. Focus adjustment is not needed and the quick response automatic light adjustment results in clear, high quality images with minimum halation.

Improved scope maneuverability

Maneuverability is essential for accurate bronchoscopy and this is greatly facilitated by incorporation of the CCD in the control section. Coupled with the scope's ultra-slim design, the BF-P260F is an ideal general-purpose hybrid scope.

Optical System Field of view 120°
Direction of view 0° (Forward viewing)
Depth of field 3 to 50mm
Illumination system Light guide system
Insertion Tube Distal end outer diameter 4.0 mm
Insertion tube outer diameter 4.4 mm
Working length 600 mm
Instrumental Channel Channel inner diameter 2.0 mm
Minimum visible distance 3 mm from distal end
Bending Section Angulation range UP 180°, DOWN 130°
Total Length   870 mm
EVIS LUCERA ELITE Video Processor CV-290



  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • Ground-breaking resolving power for efficient diagnosis
  • Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging
  • Outstanding, true-to-life image quality
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EVIS LUCERA ELITE Xenon Light Source CLV-290

EVIS LUCERA ELITE Xenon Light Source


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • One-touch Connector
  • Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging
  • Improved ergonomics
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